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Travel SAFE

1. RailFanning does NOT MEAN dangerous pics/videos.

2. Doorplating pics/youtube videos are strictly FORBIDDEN in IRI.

3. Take plenty of food pics and other safe pics.

4. Write human interest narratives to make the pics interesting.

5. Enjoy blogging and travelling SAFELY.

REMEMBER: YOUR LIFE is the most precious thing, NOT RailFanning.

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New Trains

  • 09076/Kathgodam - Mumbai Central Special Fare SF Summer Special

    Type: SF

    KGM/Kathgodam to MMCT/Mumbai Central
    Run Dates: Apr 25 to Oct 17
    Runs: Thu
    Dep: 17:30Arr: 20:55 +1
    Updated: Today (16:04)
  • 05179/Kolkata - Mau Special Fare Special

    Type: Exp

    KOAA/Kolkata to MAU/Mau Junction
    Run Dates: Jun 22 to Jun 29
    Runs: Sat
    Dep: 15:00Arr: 08:00 +1
    Updated: Today (13:52)
  • 05181/Howrah - Varanasi City Special Fare Special

    Type: Exp

    HWH/Howrah Junction to BCY/Varanasi City
    Run Date: ONLY ON Jun 23
    Runs: Sun
    Dep: 05:15Arr: 21:45
    Updated: Today (13:50)
  • 01171/Mumbai CSMT - Sawantwadi Road Special Fare Special

    Type: Exp

    CSMT/Mumbai CSM Terminus to SWV/Sawantwadi Road
    Run Date: ONLY ON Jun 22
    Runs: Sat
    Dep: 00:20Arr: 14:20
    Updated: Today (13:04)
  • 08110/Patna - Tatanagar Special Fare Exam Special

    Type: Exp

    PNBE/Patna Junction to TATA/Tatanagar Junction
    Run Date: ONLY ON Jun 23
    Runs: Sun
    Dep: 22:15Arr: 07:15 +1
    Updated: Today (02:27)
  • 06519/Yesvantpur - Hazrat Nizamuddin Special Fare One Way Special

    Type: Exp

    YPR/Yesvantpur Junction to NZM/Hazrat Nizamuddin
    Run Date: ONLY ON Jun 23
    Runs: Sun
    Dep: 23:40Arr: 06:30 +3
    Updated: Yesterday (22:37)
  • 09208/Bhavnagar Terminus - Bandra Terminus Special Fare Special

    Type: Exp

    BVC/Bhavnagar Terminus to BDTS/Mumbai Bandra Terminus
    Run Dates: Nov 09 to Jul 25
    Runs: Thu
    Dep: 14:50Arr: 06:00 +1
    Updated: Yesterday (21:46)
  • 09207/Bandra Terminus - Bhavnagar Terminus Special Fare Special

    Type: Exp

    BDTS/Mumbai Bandra Terminus to BVC/Bhavnagar Terminus
    Run Dates: Nov 10 to Jul 26
    Runs: Fri
    Dep: 09:30Arr: 23:45
    Updated: Yesterday (21:46)
  • 09056/Udhna - Bandra Terminus Special Fare SF Special

    Type: SF

    UDN/Udhna Junction (Surat) to BDTS/Mumbai Bandra Terminus
    Run Dates: Jan 16 to Sep 30
    Runs: Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Sat
    Dep: 16:15Arr: 20:30
    Updated: Yesterday (21:46)
  • 09055/Bandra Terminus - Udhna Special Fare SF Special

    Type: SF

    BDTS/Mumbai Bandra Terminus to UDN/Udhna Junction (Surat)
    Run Dates: Jan 17 to Sep 30
    Runs: Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
    Dep: 09:50Arr: 14:05
    Updated: Yesterday (21:45)

Site Announcements

  • Entry# 5648027
    Mar 01 2023 (12:44AM)

    In response to past confusions with Train/Station updates and resulting fights and controversies, the following clear and objective guidelines are being issued, with no room for any arguments or debates about validity. Also, included, some other changes with respect to Ratings.1. All Red Ratings will require further explanation. Red Ratings won't...

  • Entry# 5388512
    Jun 24 2022 (08:45AM)

    As announced previously, there are a few changes coming to IRI user accounts, based on past practices.1. As before, you will be able to quickly DELETE your IRI User account at ANY time. However, the menu option for this was hidden in the profile page, and could not easily be located....

  • Entry# 5148000
    Nov 29 2021 (06:40AM)

    A new feature will be released soon, whereby you can follow blogs tagged with specific Trains & Stations. If you have already posted blogs tagged with some Train/Station, then you will be set to automatically follow that Train/Station. Thereafter, any future news/blogs tagged with those Trains/Stations will be marked to your...

  • Entry# 5093784
    Oct 13 2021 (07:04AM)

    These days, every other day, we are getting requests from members to allow email login to their FB-based IRI account. 10 years ago, we had given the option for users to login through FaceBook - in retrospect, this was a mistake. These days, apparently, users are quitting FaceBook in droves because...

  • Entry# 4906979
    Mar 14 2021 (01:12AM)

    Followup to: Fmt ChangesThe new version of FmT 2.0 will soon be here - in about 2 weeks. As detailed in the previous announcement, many of the old FmT features like Train TT, Speedometer, Geo Location, etc. will be REMOVED. It will be a bare-bones simple app, focused on trip blogging.It...

  • Entry# 4898771
    Mar 06 2021 (10:33PM)

    There are some changes coming to FMT. Many of the features of FMT, like station arrival, TT, speed, geo, passing times, station time, etc. are ALREADY available in OTHER railway apps. So all of these features will be REMOVED.We'll have ONLY BLOGGING - quick upload of pics/videos/audio, etc. You may attach...

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