Oat Milk Chocolate Pudding Recipe (2024)



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Why would anyone want to prevent skin from forming on top? Pudding-skin is the best thing ever!

Andy Milder

I would recommend sifting the dry ingredients to prevent clumping when integrating into the oat milk. Delicious pudding!


To make oat milk for the recipe: 2 cups of water and 30 grams of dry oats. Blend on high for 2 minutes in a Vitamix and ready to go. Don't need to soak oats or filter milk. It ends up nice and smooth in the end. YUM!

Anne H.

There aren’t enough stars. I don’t want to eat anything else. I’m not going to brush my teeth.


I so appreciate this as the mom of two dairy-free littles. I sprinkled some flaked sea salt on my husband’s and my bowls, but could also see a good addition of some chili and cinnamon as well. I also used a silicone-coated whisk to prevent clumping. Worked great.


Borrowed a tip from Ina Garten and added a little espresso powder (1/4 teaspoon) to bring out even more chocolate flavor. Yum!


Cornstarch needs boiling temp + time to fully activate, so after the mixture gets to the "coating back of spoon" stage (5-10 min), I actually let it come to a fairly vigorous boil and constantly stir/monitor for at least 2 full minutes at that boil. I've made this numerous times and get chocolate soup every 3rd time because I forget about this step, which isn't specified in the recipe.


Holy Mother of God that’s delicious! A wonderful way to celebrate losing ten lbs!


This got rave reviews from husband who loves chocolate pudding but is allergic to dairy. Consistency with oat milk is incredibly creamy but the dessert has none of the unpleasant aftertaste of some other dairy alternatives. It tastes like essence of chocolate - I used Valrhona 70% for the bar chocolate and Trader Joe's 100% cocoa for the powder. I think the quality of chocolate is paramount in this recipe as the taste is so forward, unmasked by cream, eggs or other additions. Not too sweet!

Maryan Jaross

Thanks to Andy and EVR!I "sifted" the dry ingredients in a mini Cuisinart which I then used to chop the TCHO bittersweet chocolate, which is 66%. Per the Tip, I decided to go for the 4 iz but could have done 3.5. I used the silicone whisk in a non-stick pot so clean-up was easy.I used a combination of cashew almond milk I had on hand and the results were absolutely delicious! First time this lactose-free woman has had chocolate pudding in 35 years! What a treat!


No - that distinction only matters when baking with leavening agents (Dutch is often paired with baking powder, natural is paired with baking soda). You can use either cocoa here successfully, but the taste of each will be different - Dutch is mellower and deeper (like the cookie part of Oreos), natural is more conventional, like what those of us who grew up in the U.S. expected "chocolate" flavor to taste like (Hershey's). Some companies even offer a blend of Dutch and natural, like Penzey's.


Saw this and 15 min later, it was done. It’s THAT easy and quick.


Inspired by Magnolia’s pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding and the abundance of oat milk on hand, I made this recipe but nixed the cocoa powdered and chocolate, instead adding a few spoonfuls of canned pumpkin, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and nutmeg. So easy, so amazing.


OMG this was so easy and amazing! Adding the oat milk in a bit at a time to the dry ingredients will allow it to incorporate more easily without need for sifting. Didn't realize we were out of corn starch so subbed double the amount of tapioca starch. It thickened well and is very smooth and creamy.


Less chocolate, used 1/4 cup sugar and that was still too sweet.

AK baker

Great texture and rich flavor. I added orange zest based on a suggestion here - love the flavor but not the bits between my teeth so I wouldn’t do that again. Maybe a little grand marnier


if you are dairy intolerant or simply avoiding it, this is a great alternative with great consistency and gorgeous deep chocolate color. That said, it tastes a bit thin to me, even after adding a bit more sea salt and vanilla. I used Droste cocoa and Lindt 70% chocolate. Give me a pudding made with milk and eggs any day.

Suzy Q

Based on the rave reviews I had high hopes for this pudding, but I was sorely disappointed. The recipe in my ancient Better Homes and Gardens, while a little more work, is so much richer and tastier.


This recipe makes great fudgesicles too. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.


I followed the recipe and ended up with slightly lumpy chocolate soup. Not sure where I went wrong. Love the flavor though. It's great in my coffee. Wish I had some churros...


This recipe merits all the accolades!! Super delicious


This turned out fabulous. I plan to make this my go to chocolate pudding recipe. I did boil the mixture for 1 1/2 minutes before adding the chopped chocolate.


As per a reader comment, may sub double the amount of tapioca starch (or arrowroot starch?) for cornstarch

Ann Daniels

Just made this - again - last night, this time adding some cinnamon. I always add extra salt to offset the sweetness and richness. This is now my go to dessert for company or sick friends! Mixing tip to avoid cornstarch lumps: combine the dry ingredients in a bowl and then sift together into the pot.


Can I substitute coconut milk- I always have some on hand- usually opem another recipe


Well, wanting to use up the oat milk my vegetarian son left, and reading the recipe only took 15 minutes, i jumped in. However, as I’m stirring the mixture I see I missed the fact I would need to add bittersweet chocolate. Not wanting to waste the already started pudding, I chopped up 2.5 ounces of unsweetened chocolate, then added three of those little Ghiradelli dark chocolate sea salt caramel squares. Delicious!


Could one sub cashew milk for the oatmilk???

Deb Onley

Has anyone tried making it start to finish in a VitaMix? Thinking one could do homemade oat milk and proceed from there just using the VitaMix friction heat function to “cook” it….


Will this work with a higher cacao percentage?

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Oat Milk Chocolate Pudding Recipe (2024)


Can I use oat milk instead of milk in pudding? ›

The base ingredients for most Jell-O brand instant puddings are dairy-free as well as vegan. By using a non-dairy milk such as coconut, almond, or oat milk you keep this simple instant pudding dairy-free/ vegan.

How to thicken instant pudding made with oat milk? ›

Plant-based milks do not contain casein. How do you thicken pudding that won't set? If your liquid amounts to 4 cups, take half cup of that liquid (COLD) and mix with 4 tbs cornstarch in a small container. If you mix it with warm liquid it will be lumpy.

How much oat milk for instant pudding? ›

Can you make instant pudding with oat milk? Yes, just not at a 1-to-1 ratio when making instant pudding. What is this? To substitute oat milk for regular milk in instant pudding, use 3/4 of the amount of milk called for in the instructions.

Why is my oat milk not creamy? ›

Double strain the oat milk to yield the creamiest and smoothest texture. Just a bit of extra work, but the whole process start to finish really does only take 3 minutes! Do NOT over blend!! Only blend for maximum 40 seconds, less is even better!

How do I substitute oat milk for milk? ›

These will typically be labeled “extra-creamy" on the carton (psst: Planet Oat makes one), but to be sure, check the nutrition label. Oat milk can be swapped using a 1:1 ratio for traditional milk in custards, mousses, buttercreams, and ganache (yes, really).

What is the best non-dairy milk for pudding? ›

If you don't have nut allergies, you can totally use almond milk, or even coconut milk or cashew milk. My favorite kind of non-dairy milk to use in Jell-O pudding is rice milk. I find it is the one with the least amount of after taste.

Why is my pudding not setting? ›

Pudding is usually runny because it has been stored in the refrigerator for too long or in an open space. Another cause could be due to improper cooking methods.

Does oat milk thicken like milk? ›

Because there are still lots of oat particles in this homemade milk, if you heat it up it will thicken and get slimy and goopy. I only recommend enjoying this oat milk cold or using it for baking.

What ingredient makes instant pudding thicken? ›

A key ingredient in instant pudding is gelatinized starch, a dried instant starch that readily absorbs liquids, which causes the pudding to gel when mixed with milk. Additional ingredients sometimes used as a thickener include gums that are soluble in cold water, such as carrageenans and alginates.

How much milk do you need for 2 boxes of instant pudding? ›

Making Store-Bought Instant Pudding

If you are using a smaller packet of instant pudding mix, about 3.4 ounces (96 grams), use 2 cups (475 milliliters) of milk. If you are using a larger packet of instant pudding mix, about 5.1 ounces (144 grams), use 3 cups (700 milliliters) of milk.

What is a substitute for instant vanilla pudding? ›

The alternative mix is simply 1 part cornstarch to 2 parts fine sugar, plus 1 part vanilla. I used 1 TBSP. of cornstarch and 2 TBSP. of sugar.

How much oats to make oat milk? ›

To make oat milk simply add 1 cup rolled oats + 4 cups water to a high-speed blender and blend on high for 30-45 seconds. Then strain through a clean t-shirt or towel for best results. We found nut milk bags let too much pulp through. Fine mesh strainers also let too much pulp through, so we don't recommend using them.

Why is my homemade oat milk gooey? ›

Use Cold Water – remember, you are making oat MILK, not oat MEAL. Using hot water can cause the oats to coagulate and become slimy, which is obviously not the goal here. So, make sure you use cold water, every time.

Why is my homemade oat milk so watery? ›

My oat milk is too thin

Try a tea towel or fine mesh sieve. If it's too thin, this is normally because you haven't squeezed out the sediment at the bottom enough. Simply squeeze the muslin tight to press some of the creamy liquid through, as this is what makes the oat milk thick and creamy.

Is almond or oat milk more creamy? ›

If you like a fancier coffee drink like a cappuccino, oat milk may have the advantage, as it's thicker and creamier—and therefore, much easier to create that frothy foam. Almond milk has a slightly more watery texture, which may help you thin out a thick smoothie better than its oat counterpart.

Can you whip up oat milk? ›

Regardless of the recipe, the process typically involves chilling the oat milk, whipping it with a hand mixer or stand mixer until it forms soft peaks, and then using it to top your favorite desserts.

Why do you use oat milk instead of milk? ›

Oat milk contains a good quantity of fatty acids, protein, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and a variety of micronutrients and provides several health benefits, as it reduces blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, and prevents cancer (Jeske et al., 2018). Therefore, oats are a promising alternative to traditional milk.

Is oat milk more creamy than almond milk? ›

Because of its higher carb and calorie content, “oat milk provides a creamy consistency that almond milk does not provide,” Modell says. (In fact, it's probably the most comparable to cow's milk out of all your plant-based milk options.)

What happens if you use water instead of milk for pudding? ›

If you use water instead of milk in instant pudding, the pudding will still set and thicken, but it will have a different taste and texture. Milk adds creaminess and richness to the pudding, while water lacks these characteristics. The result will be a less creamy and less flavorful pudding.

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