Sous Vide Egg Recipes (2024)


Start your day with these tasty sous vide egg recipes. Though sous vide steaks get a lot of love, eggs for breakfast that use this underwater cooking technique are always rich and creamy, and absolutely never dry.

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When I learned how to make sous vide eggs, my whole concept of quick and easy breakfast went through a revolution. I could prepare delicious egg breakfasts ahead of time, and getting a nutritious start of the day became almost automatic.

I’m passionate about sous vide cooking, and maybe that’s why Sip Bite Go has become one of the most popular sous vide blogs on the web. It’s where I share what I’m doing in the kitchen, and I love putting up new videos and recipes so you can follow along.

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The Basics of Sous Viding Eggs

When people ask me what can I cook with sous vide, I sometimes surprise them by bringing up eggs. Eggs are not your traditional sous vide food, but they lend themselves well to sous vide techniques and are my top choice when it comes to healthy sous vide breakfast recipes.

One reason eggs sous vide style are so good to learn on is that you almost can’t do them wrong as long as you keep to the indicated time and temp in the recipe. Some of the recipes cook inside the egg shell, making them really easy to prepare.

Are sous vide eggs pasteurized?

When you sous vide your eggs you are actually pasteurizing them, which means they’ll keep well for up to a week in the refrigerator. This makes sous vide egg recipes ideal for working moms, busy families, and anyone who just doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning.

That’s one of the reasons why sous vide is popular. Make a big batch once a week, then heat up what you need throughout the week.

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Unique Sous Vide Recipes with Eggs

Bacon, Carmelized Onion, and Cheese Sous Vide Egg Bites

Often, when we’re going to have overnight guests, I’ll make ahead a batch of Bacon, Carmelized Onion, and Cheese Sous Vide Egg Bites. This recipeis cooked in mason jars, so I can batch-make as many as I have jars for—or as many as fit in my cooker or sous vide instant pot.

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It’s one of my favorite sous vide recipes for a crowd. They taste exactly like what you’d get if you ordered egg bites at one of our most popular coffee chain—or dare I say it, a little bit better, since you get to tweak the ingredients to fit your own personal preferences.

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Poached Sous Vide Eggs

Another fancy sous vide breakfast my husband and I like to make for our guests is Poached Sous Vide Eggs on Roasted Tomatoes. This one is a little fussier than my sous egg bites recipe, but still easy to make, and when you serve it up on English Muffins you’ll have a display worthy of any Instagram feed.

An interesting thing about this ingredient is that you conveniently sous vide poached eggs in shells. That means you don’t need mason jars and you don’t need sous vide bags to cook eggs in.

Remember, you can mix it up! One poached egg variant I love is serving them, on English muffins, with sous vide short ribs. In fact, this reminds me of one of my favorite brunch restaurants in Vegas – The Wicked Spoon in the Cosmopolitan. That’s where I first had this combination and I’ve been hooked on poached eggs ever since. They’d also be delicious with leftover sous vide pulled pork.

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Sous Vide Boiled Egg

When we’re road tripping around the Pacific Northwest I like to make Sous Vide Boiled Egg Salad Sandwiches to take along. The sous vide technique means that the eggs will cook in the sous vide water bath to the perfect hardness for salad, and then there’s just a little assembly before you spoon it into sesame rolls ready to enjoy.

Scrambled Sous Vide Eggs

This dish might seem to be a counter-intuitive recipe to prepare with the sous vide machine—it’s all about pan frying, isn’t it? As it turns out sous vide scrambled eggs are so much fluffier than scrambled eggs cooked any other way it’s worth the added trouble.

It also comes together quickly, and we love to make them on weekends with chorizo and hash browns. You can also add a vegetable or two on the side, sous vide brussel sprouts for instance.

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More Egg Sous Vide Dishes

Soft Boiled Sous Vide Egg Avocado Toast

This is a delicious breakfast, brunch, or snack that provides a nutritious pick-me-up whenever it is served.

We make it for special brunches, but sometimes also for that mid-afternoon energy booster that makes a work-at-home day that much more productive. It’s a super quick sous vide recipe: you’re only sous viding the sous vide soft boiled egg nine minutes, and while they’re cooking you can be preparing the toast and avocado.

Sous vide soft boiled eggs give you a no-foul route to that perfect egg, and you’ll find you never want to make them another way.

Sous Vide French Toast with Candied Pecans

When you’re looking for things to sous vide, don’t forget that sweet breakfasts can be made in the sous vide machine too! Like my Sous Vide French Toast with Candied Pecans—thick slices of brioche bread soaked in eggs, milk, and other good things, cooked to perfection in the sous vide cooker, and then finished in two minutes in a skillet. The pecan topping just makes it that much more delectable and is super easy to whip up.

All of these recipes are ideal sous vide for beginners – easy to make recipes that don’t require a lot of sous vide accessories or fancy techniques. If you don’t have a sous vide machine, I’ve got lots of other fun recipes for you as well—like baking pizza at home, for instance.

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Time and temperatures for sous vide eggs

Sous vide eggs are typically considered to be quick sous vide recipes. That doesn’t mean they’re all super fast, though—sous vide French toast has 90 minutes in the sous vide cooker at 148ºF, for instance, and egg bites are cooked at slightly higher temperatures for an hour.

You can make soft boiled sous vide eggs in and out of the sous vide machine in under ten minutes, though, and scrambled eggs only take me fifteen minutes of actual cook time. My go-to poached egg temperature sous vide is usually 145ºF.

Really, there are endless time and temps for cooking eggs with this method. Maybe you’ve heard of the 45 minute egg or the 63 degree egg sous vide style. There are so many combinations, and included in my book and on Sip Bite Go are my tried and tested recipes. Consult the sous vide egg temp chart or individual recipes for guidance.

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Ways to finish sous vide eggs

While some of my sous vide recipes are ready to eat right out of the machine, others have one extra step on your stovetop. Sous vide French toast, for instance, gets one or two minutes on the skillet to give it that extra crunch and color— that way I get perfection both inside and outside each slice of toast.

Sous viding frozen eggs

You may never have thought of freezing eggs, but as it turns out, you can! Not in the shell, preferably, but all ready to cook sous vide style.

While I usually use refrigerated eggs and sous vide right away, you can actually prepare a breakfast like egg bites, freeze in individual silicon muffin cups, and then stick them in a vacuum seal bag and sous vide from frozen the day you want to eat it.

The other alternative for egg bites is to finish the whole sous vide process the way my recipe is written, pop them out of their jars and cool them, and then freeze for 2-3 months and reheat when you’re ready to eat that perfect sous vide egg bite.

Want more meal prep recipes for breakfasts? Try these banana blueberry muffins!

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More tasty sous vide recipes

You can find a nice selection of my favorite recipes in the sous vide recipe index on my website, but if you’d like to really delve in and discover all my secrets I’m going to have to recommend you take the plunge and buy my new sous vide cookbook.

It’s a one source-stop for everything sous-vide, and you’ll have your cook-time and sous vide settings all easily accessible, along with my winning recipe combinations.

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There aren’t many sous vide cookbooks for beginners, and I’m proud to have authored my favorite one. Find new ways to explore sous vide cooking with my new book – The Home Chef’s Sous Vide Cookbook.

The Perfect Sous Vide Setup

Everyday I’m asked, “what do you need to sous vide food?”. Here’s my answer.

  1. A sous vide machine.
    Option 1: “stick” models like the Joule, Anova, or Instant Pot Slim.
    Option 2: “multipot” models like the SousPreme or InstantPot Duo Evo Plus.
  2. Sous vide container.
    If using a sous vide “stick” model, you need something to hold the water the food cooks in, like a bucket or stockpot.
  3. Bags to cook sous vide food.
    Keep it simple and sous vide in ziplock gallon bags, or get fancy like me with a vacuum sealer setup.
  4. Nice-to-have accessories for sous vide cooking.
    Sous vide weights to hold down food that floats.
    Mini mason jars for desserts and sous vide egg bites.
    Cast iron skillet to sear sous vide steaks to finish them.
  5. My sous vide cookbook with 100+ recipes.

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Sous Vide Egg Recipes (12)

Have you tried one of these recipes?

Find me on Instagram and tag me @sipbitego on your own sous vide egg experiments! I love to see what other people are cooking and get inspired.

See my latest sous vide recipe videos on the Sip Bite Go channel.

Sous Vide Egg Recipes (2024)
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