The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2024 (2024)

A good phone mount is an essential accessory for every vehicle. Whether it attaches to your dashboard or windshield, a secure phone mount provides a safe and simple way to make calls, get turn-by-turn directions, access the music on your phone, or use a voice assistant while on the go. But some mounts work better with certain cars and phones than others.

We've gathered our favorites here, followed by some tips to remember while you shop.

Deeper Dive: Our Top Tested Picks

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2024 (1)

Ainope Gravity Phone Holder

Best for Large Phones and Bulky Cases

Why We Picked It

The budget-friendly Ainope Gravity works on most standard car vents and can easily accommodate phones with displays up to 6.7 inches, including those with thick cases. Simply slide your phone into the mount and the clamps automatically clip into place for a perfect fit. When you're ready to remove your phone, tap the button on the bottom of the mount to release the clamps.

Who It's For

This mount is ideal for anyone who has a big phone and hates fighting with car mounts to get their device in and out.


$11.99 Amazon

Why We Picked It

The MagSafe-compatible Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger gets power via your car's DC or USB port. You can simply place your phone on top of it and rely on the built-in magnet to secure your device. It supports wireless charging at up to 10W depending on your device.

Who It's For

If you have a MagSafe-capable iPhone and an open AC vent, this mount is a worthwhile choice. But if you need something that affixes to your dashboard or windshield, look elsewhere.


$59.99 Amazon $59.99 Belkin

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2024 (3)

iOttie Easy One Touch 6 CD Slot Mount

Best CD Player Mount

Why We Picked It

iOttie's latest CD player mount, the Easy One Touch 6, improves upon the previous version with a flexible, lightweight construction that the company says allows it to install without the need for extra brackets or clamps. The updated cradle now offers better cable management and a more easily adjustable foot, too.

Who Its For

If your car has a CD player that you no longer use to listen to music, this is a top option.


$26.95 Amazon $29.95 iOttie

Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Vent Mount

Best Qi-Compatible Vent Mount

Why We Picked It

Kenu's Qi-compatible mount easily clips onto most vents. The 10W Qi wireless charging pad features foreign object detection and automatically turns off in hot conditions to protect your phone from overheating. It comes with a 4-foot USB cable and a 12V DC car charger, as well as features an extra USB port for charging a second device.

Who It's For

If you want to lock your phone into place on your vent and charge it at the same time, this Kenu mount should appeal. If you're frequently in the car with other people, the extra USB port could be helpful, too.


$49.95 Amazon

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2024 (5)

Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount

Best Cup Holder Mount

Why We Picked It

The inexpensive Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount has an adjustable base that fits snugly into just about any center console cup holder. You can easily change your phone's viewing angle using its goosenecked arm.

Who It's For

If you don't mind losing access to a cupholder, this mount keeps your phone close. Its holster is wide enough to fit smartphones up to 3.54 inches wide, but it's not ideal if your phone's case is thicker than half an inch.


$23.98 Amazon

Buying Guide: The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2024

What Are the Different Types of Car Phone Mounts?

First, you need to choose between the two basic types of car phone mounts: mounts that attach to your air conditioner vent and mounts that attach to your dashboard or windshield.

If you have a standard air conditioner vent (with horizontal slats), plenty of excellent options exist. Vent mounts are often not compatible with circular or small AC vents.

Dash and windshield mounts are more versatile and are typically a better choice for most people. Some attach via a suction base. Others use an automotive-grade adhesive that shouldn't damage your car. You can't easily move adhesive mounts once you place them, though, and the adhesive does break down over time. If you plan to use your mount in multiple cars, or simply don't want to clean gummy residue when you eventually remove it, choose one with a suction mount. And if your car still has a CD player, you can also choose to mount your phone there.

What Is the Best Magnetic Car Phone Mount?

Most mounts use either spring-loaded clamps or magnets to hold your phone in place. Both have benefits. Spring-loaded mounts can handle almost any phone, but you might balk at their bulky sizes. Slapping your phone onto a magnetic mount is fast and easy, but requires you to attach a metal plate to the back of your phone or slide one in between the phone and its case. If you use wireless charging, make sure the plate isn't on or near the charging coil. Some manufacturers make cases with built-in magnets that work seamlessly with their magnetic car mounts.

A growing number of automatic and MagSafe-compatible options are now available. Automatic mounts use an IR proximity sensor, open when your phone is in range, and automatically adjust their grip to accommodate your phone once it is seated. MagSafe mounts attach to the MagSafe array on newer iPhones.

Can You Wirelessly Charge Your Phone With a Car Mount?

Mounts with built-in Qi wireless chargers are increasingly common. Your vehicle's DC port powers these mounts, which save you the trouble of plugging in your phone each time you hop in the car. Most are compatible with both Android devices and iPhones. If you often forget to plug in your phone and it supports wireless charging, this is a no-fuss way to keep it juiced up.

Car phone mounts usually max out at 15W for both Android phones and iPhones. MagSafe-compatible chargers work like a regular Qi wireless charger and will charge your iPhone at up to 7.5W.

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Phone mounts are just the beginning. Adding the right technology to an older vehicle can make it feel brand new. Upgrade your old car with our favorite high-tech accessories for a dramatically different ride.

Steven Winkelman contributed to this story.

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2024 (2024)


Is it better to put a phone mount on the dash or windshield? ›

Dashboard phone mounts are one of the most common types of car phone holders. They're a perfect middle ground between windshield and cupholder mounts, allowing you to keep your phone in an easy-to-access location that's not too far from your driving sight line.

Are magnetic car phone holders good or bad? ›

Your cell phone is completely safe mounted on a magnetic holder or inside a magnetic case. The magnets that are usually used for smartphone mounts are tiny and hidden from view, hardly the type of industrial magnet that can do damage.

Do CD phone mounts damage CD player? ›

Will a CD Slot Mount Do Damage? Nope! While it's a reasonable assumption to think something mounted in your CD player slot could do some damage to your audio system, they're perfectly safe.

Where is the safest place to put a phone holder in your car? ›

Windshield Mount

Windshields are undoubtedly the highly favored place to put the phone mount in the car. You can use an adhesive or a suction cup to mount your handset onto the windshield and fix the device.

What should I look for in a car phone holder? ›

Indeed there are many solutions, however the practical considerations dictate the trend:
  • the holder should be attached in a central place in the car,
  • it should be within the driver's reach,
  • it should be easy to attach in many places in the car, but match the model of the phone you use.

What are the disadvantages of a car phone holder? ›

Firstly, the magnetic field can blur your camera. In addition, your smartphone's compass may become out of alignment when you use a certain magnetic mount. This is caused by the presence of too large magnets that cause the compass to be out of alignment.

Where is the best place to put a mobile phone holder in a car? ›

A popular choice among drivers, the windshield mount provides a clear view of your phone's screen, making it an ideal position for navigation purposes. Most windshield mounts come with a strong suction cup that adheres firmly to the glass.

Which is better suction cup or air vent phone holder? ›

Cupholder mounts are super easy to use, but you need a vehicle with cupholders near the windshield—or an extender, such as on the WeatherTech. Vent mounts are great, but the phone blocks airflow from the vent it's mounted to.

Can a magnetic phone holder mess up your phone? ›

The Bottom Line

Most magnetic phone mounts on the market use small magnets that won't really damage your phone's circuits or functionality.

Are car vent mounts bad for phones? ›

If you have your phone mounted directly in front of your vent, prolonged heat will be blowing straight into the back of your phone. Not really the best thing for electronics over the long-term. If you have long, cold winters and you drive often, this could be a genuine concern.

Do magnetic phone holders damage credit cards? ›

Luckily EMV chips aren't affected by magnets. However, scratches or prolonged exposure to water can cause damage or make them stop working altogether.

Is it bad to leave a CD in your car CD player? ›

If such a disc is left in an environment that allows direct sunlight and extreme heat buildup (e.g., on the dashboard of a car in summertime, or next to a heater by a window), the organic dye or phase-changing film that holds the data will degrade quickly, causing the disc to become unreadable.

Do CDs sound better than phone? ›

Most definitely. CD quality sound is full 44.1kHz uncompressed digital hi-res audio.

Why do CDs go bad? ›

The organic dye used in the data layer of R discs degrades naturally but slowly over time. High temperatures and humidity will accelerate the process. Prolonged exposure to UV light can degrade the dye properties and eventually make the data unreadable.

Do suction car phone holders work? ›

All of the dashboard and windshield car phone mounts we tested had impressively strong suction cups. However, they won't stick well if the mounting surface is dirty or porous.

Are dashboard phone holders safe? ›

Using a dashboard phone mount is not only legal in most places when installed properly, but it's also highly recommended for safety reasons. A phone mount keeps your phone within easy reach and view, allowing you to make sure you're staying connected without having to take your eyes off the road.

Do car bag phones still work? ›

Because of their durability, many examples of these phones are still in working order today. The Bag Phones are a derivative of the Motorola Tough Talker series of transportable phones, which in turn descended from the DynaTAC car phones introduced in 1984.

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