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I only have 5 and 7 qt Dutch ovens. How does this change the recipe? Which should I use?

Andy L

Could this be baked in a cast-iron skillet?

D. Scimeca

Would you consider baking this in a springform pan instead? If so, would the amount of time in the overn and temperature need adjusting? Perhaps in a water bath to create a more custard-like consistancy?

Kathy Watson

Since I usually make my own pasta, I'm wondering, Melissa, if I could use fresh angel hair, cooked as directed, for this, rather than dried pasta, or if it would change the texture?

Karen Brack

I love this kugel, but I make it with homemade ghee instead of oil for extra buttery, nutty flavor. Melt butter and let the milk solids get nice and toasty brown before skimming them out. Keep an eye on the pot, to make sure they don't burn. Then use the clarified butter in the recipe. Oh, mama!!

R Friedman

Kugel with fresh pasta is too soft. I tried and it didn't work for me. I make noodle kugel for Shabbat weekly.

ziva gruber

after being many generation Jerusalemite I recommend carmelizing the sugar till very brown it makes the Kugel prettier and tastier.


I learned how to make this 50 years ago in (where else?) Jerusalem. It is traditionally baked in a pot on top of the stove, since most people back then did not even have ovens. The pot is kept overnight on top of a metal tray (called a "blech") over a low flame and served for Shabbat lunch.


Traditionally this is baked overnight, from Friday to Saturday morning, at a low heat. Amazing Saturday brunch. We bake it at around 200. To stop it from drying out, you cover the noodle mixture with baking paper cut to shape and weigh it down with some more oil. The flavors are much deeper if you do follow the overnight baking method.


I have never made this, but may have to as it sounds SO delish. Just WONDERING ... would it work like a "pineapple upsidedown cake" (in a black iron skillet like my mom and grandma :) )? Could you do the caramel on the bottom and then add the noodle mixture to it?


I have made noodle kugels for over 50 years. This amount of sugar is far too much. Even caramelized, the kugel will be more like dessert than dinner. Besides, potatoes are more traditional for Chanukah, noodles for other occasions.

Gila Solomon

Do NOT use a springform pan. You need a heavy pot for this. We have made this in aluminum foil pans. Only the English cake pans (long loaf) but it isn't as good as the triangles. I personally use a bit less salt than called for. Oh, we slice this like a pie in triangles in thin slices.


This is exactly the same cake that on my island in italy we call Migliaccio and a variation is my mother used to fry it. Usually is done for the carnevale


Truly not happy how this came out. Very greasy. Pot size of 6 quarts was way too big. Going back to the Sababa Sussman recipe that had double the amount of noodles, proportionally less oil, and recommended a 4 quart pot.


This came out well enough, meaning it looked something like the photo (though the interior of mine was brown, not yellow), and it had a nice flavor. However, knowing how much oil it had absorbed was kind of offputting. Caremelizing sugar in a half cup of oil left an indelibile and not very appealing visual image that I had to suppress! And even though the kugel did manage to absorb the oil, it still tasted too oily.


I liked this a lot, just concerned about the endless calories and carbs in the dish


Like many others, I have followed the directions and am left wondering why it calls for such a large dish or so much oil. My kugel did not reach a volume suited to a six quart cast iron and it was swimming (I had to pour oil off the top) when it finished baking. It tasted all right but I can't help thinking I have missed something crucial somewhere.


Alternate kugel: add to the egg pasta, ricotta or dry cottage cheese, lemon juice, lemon rind, walnuts, cinnamon, raisins and very little brown sugar (maybe 1/2 cp.) ( I make homemade ricotta from goat milk)


…and for oil I use coconut oil.


Adeena Sussman calls for less oil and more noodles: Ingredients1 cup sugar1/2 cup canola oil1 16 oz package thin egg noodles1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt6 eggs, beaten


Terrible Oily Mess.Just finished cooling and 5 of us tasted the kugel. We couldn't pinpoint whether we didn't like the texture, taste, visual presentation or smell. We finally decided it was all of the above. I'll stick to sweet lokshen kugel from now on. This was terrible. Not really sweet, not savory. The pepper was an odd addition. Really, this is just weird.

Karen Brack

If it doesn't conflict with your dietary requirements, replace the oil with this: Brown the same about of butter until fragrant and the milk solids are well-browned. Strain out the milk solids and proceed with the recipe. The browned, clarified butter adds a whole new dimension of flavor. Delicious!!!


Enough with the complaints about the amount of oil! This is a kugel, after all, and made only a few times a year. Cutting back on the oil will turn it into something else. Embrace it and enjoy it the way it is written here.

Euphemia Thompson

thank you! yes!

Stephen Schwab

meh, too sweet. I like things more savory. Not worth the effort.

Ellen Tabor

Try adding more pepper. Some people call this "exciting kugel" because it is supposed to be peppery.


It was messy to cook because of the carmelized sugar. Had to figure out how many pans I needed as recipe was not specific. Also needed to press down a bit as there were "holes" in the pasta afterword. Not sure I will make it again.

Arianna G

I was so excited to try this, but I am very disappointed. I followed the recipe exactly, except I wasn’t able to get the very thin noodles. I used the ones that were about 1/4 inch wide. I find it very bland.


This was my first attempt at making a kugel. I'm not sure how it is supposed to taste, but we really didn't like how this turned out. It ended up being so oily that it left oil puddles on our plates.


This sounded so delicious but came out oily and disgusting. A real disappointment.


Delish. Next time I'll add raisens.

kitchen witch

The amount of oil and the kind of oil seemed unappealing to me. I used a combination of butter, walnut oil, and olive oil--No more than 3/4 cups, and I used a pound of angel hair pasta. And added yellow raisins. I cooked it at 375 for about an hour. It came very easily out of the pan (I simply used a twelve inch cast iron skillet--you could probably use a ten inch one). Delicious and addictive.

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Yerushalmi Kugel Recipe (2024)


Can you freeze Jerusalem kugel? ›

This kugel is meant to be sliced like a cake, that's the traditional look, no squares here. This freezes excellently well and I advise you slice the kugel up and freeze in slices. Will be a hit at the Shabbat table, holidays and during the week when you are craving something delicious.

Where does the recipe kugel come from? ›

The kugel was born in Eastern Europe as a leftover bread pastry with fat and eggs and only eight centuries ago evolved into the lokshen (noodle) kugel we know today. Rice kugels were invented in the 16th century thanks to Ottoman influences, and the popular Polish potato kugel showed up in the nineteenth century.

Is kugel eaten during Passover? ›

Noodle kugel (COO-gull) is a casserole of noodles drenched in an egg mixture. It is made with egg noodles, so it is kosher for Passover. When it is done, you will be introduced to a savory meal that has sweetness to it as well.

Why is kugel important? ›

Jewish festivals

Some Hasidic Jews believe that eating kugel on the Jewish Sabbath brings special spiritual blessings, particularly if that kugel was served on the table of a Hasidic Rebbe.

How long will kugel last in the fridge? ›

Recipe Note

Potato kugel keeps well in the refrigerator for four to five days, as long as it's covered.

Can you freeze kugel raw? ›

You can also freeze kugel. Wrap in plastic wrap and then foil and store for up to 3 months.

What does "kugel" mean in Yiddish? ›

The name of the dish comes from the Yiddish word kugel meaning 'sphere, globe, ball'; thus the Yiddish name likely originated as a reference to the round balls of dough that were placed in the center of the cholent, a traditional Shabbat stew, to cook alongside it and absorb its flavors for its later use as a side dish ...

What is the origin of Yerushalmi kugel? ›

Kugel Yerushalmi is said to have been created in Jerusalem by local Ashkenazi Jews during the 1700s by the followers of the Vilna Gaon, a Jewish religious scholar.

What do you eat with kugel? ›

Kugel is traditionally served as a side dish alongside something meaty like brisket or roast chicken. In this case it would normally be served warm, but it can also be refrigerated and eaten cold the next day. Sweeter versions can also be eaten hot or cold, and taste great with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream.

What are the 5 forbidden foods on Passover? ›

The tradition goes back to the 13th century, when custom dictated a prohibition against wheat, barley, oats, rice, rye and spelt, Rabbi Amy Levin said on NPR in 2016.

Can Jews eat peanut butter during Passover? ›

Additionally, it should only contain ingredients that are specifically designated as kosher for Passover, like 100% peanuts that have been processed solely through pasteurization. By following these guidelines, you will be able to eat peanut butter during the Passover holiday.

Why can't Jews eat pasta during Passover? ›

Passover, the Jewish holiday recounting the Jewish liberation from slavery in Egypt described in the Torah, begins March 30. For seven or eight days, Jews refrain from eating leavened food. This generally means no bread or grain-based food, because Jews fleeing Egypt had no time to wait for rising dough.

What is the English word for kugel? ›

„Kugel“: Femininum

ball bullet, pellet, shot sphere, globe bulb head thick flank roulette ball sphere shot, bowl, ball ball More translations... ball.

Why does my noodle kugel fall apart? ›

Make Sure to Cool Your Kugel

Once it's baked, a kugel needs to cool, otherwise it will fall apart when slicing. Give it at least an hour to cool and set up, then slice and serve it warm or at room temperature.

Is kugel better hot or cold? ›

Do You Eat Noodle Kugel Hot or Cold? While noodle kugel should be removed from the oven and cooled for at least 30 minutes after baking, it can be eaten at any temperature. Eaten warm, when just set, noodle kugel's texture is more akin to a baked mac and cheese (the extra-crunchy noodles on top might be the best part.)

How do you defrost frozen kugel? ›

Thaw potato kugel overnight in the refrigerator (about 20–24 hours) or on the counter until defrosted. As a safety precaution, don't leave it out too long (over three hours).

How to reheat kugel frozen? ›

Place the Kugel in it's frozen state on a flat surface/tray and allow to completely defrost (thaw). Heat oven to 325° and place Kugel in aluminum tray onto a flat baking sheet onto center rack of oven. Heat for 30 minutes (remove cover for last 10 minutes of heating for a crispy top).

Can you freeze cooked Amish noodles? ›

Our Amish Chicken and Noodle will keep in a covered dish in the fridge for up to 4 days. Reheat in the microwave. Can you freeze chicken and noodles? You can freeze this chicken and noodles recipe but keep in mind that noodles don't freeze well and may be mushy after reheating.

Can matzo kugel be frozen? ›

I would assemble it as well as a matzo kugel, refrigerate it and then pop it into the oven when the seder begins rather than making it, refrigerating it and reheating it. I would not freeze the potato kugel but a matzo kugel can be frozen.

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